About Jupiter Technologies


Jupiter is a rapidly growing IT staffing and consulting firm that places a high value on offering clients excellent services. Because of our impressive track record of innovative staffing and consulting solutions, we are reliable partners for all of your IT requirements.
We use innovative business and technology strategies to help our customers achieve the marketing objectives by offering real, tangible benefits. Our main priority is building and managing IT infrastructure for small to medium businesses. We provide answers in a dynamic environment where business and technological objectives converge. Our strategy focuses on cutting-edge business models that leverage an organization's current IT resources while incorporating IT innovation and adoption.
Team with skilled people who have significant expertise in consulting and various technologies, oversee business transformation for customers.

What We Do

Web Application Development Service

Web application development services help design, build, and evolve web-based software. Jupiter Technologies delivered multiple projects.

Quality assurance

Jupiter Technologies uses the approved softwares and reaches out to confirm that your web application performance will be secure, reliable and fast.


.NET development services cover evolution of web, mobile, desktop and games applications with the use of .NET platform.


Java is a development service that covers build applications on desktops, servers, mobile phones, web browser applications, software products.


Jupiter Technologies ensures maximum advantage on businesses and all around benefits with cloud: cost reductions, efficient delivery, ideal performance, reliability and more


Salesforce services offers Salesforce implementation, consulting, support services direct to maximize potential for business.